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Nomineringsregn över DN:s fotografer

Inte mindre än sju DN-fotografer är nominerade till Årets Bild 2018. Det traditionellt manstunga priset slår samtidigt rekord i andel nominerade kvinnor. Efter ett möte på Vadstena klosterhotell offentliggör juryn för Årets Bild årets 24 nominerade fotografer. Nästan en tredjedel av dem är verksamma i Dagens Nyheter: Fredrik Funck, Anders Hansson, Lotta Härdelin, Jonas Lindkvist, […]


Jeter denies he backed out of underwear deal over 50 Cent

Andrew Theodorakis for New York Daily News Derek Jeter called the Swedish underwear company’s allegations “categorically false.” Derek Jeter is hitting back against claims that he walked away from a deal to promote a line of fancy skivvies because he didn’t want to be connected to rapper 50 Cent. The allegations are “categorically false,” Jeter […]


Moms fearing kid flu shot sue city over mandate

BRIAN SNYDER/REUTERS City health officials have long touted the health benefits of flu shots for young children, especially those in daycare or preschool. A group of five New York moms say they’re bugged by the city’s flu shot mandate for young kids – and they want an emergency court remedy. The moms from Manhattan and […]


AMD lawsuit over false Bulldozer chip marketing is bogus

Share This article A new class-action lawsuit against AMD is arguing that the company engaged in fraud and deceptive marketing when it claimed that its Bulldozer processors had eight cores. The suit, Dickey v. Advanced Micro Devices Inc, argues that AMD’s Bulldozer (and presumably Piledriver, Kaveri, Carrizo, and so on) all effectively contain just half […]