Study shows that people who live alone eat junk

Maximkostenko/Getty Images/iStockphoto An Australian study found that people who live alone eat less fresh food. If you live alone, you probably eat like crap, according to a new study. Researchers in Australia found that people in solitary existences tend to cook less and eat less fresh food. “People who live alone have a lower diversity […]


CDC study finds that heavy drinking costs U.S. 249B a year

Sam Ryley/Getty Images/iStockphoto A CDC study found that drinking too much costs the U.S. economy around $ 249 billion a year. Glug-glug-glug — that’s the sound of America drinking away $ 249 billion a year. A study, released this week by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, found that excessive drinking — mostly binge-drinking […]


Happiness study says being charitable boosts wellbeing

People who donate to charity tend to be healthier and happier than those who don’t, the study said. Giving to others not only makes us happier but can help lower our blood pressure, while humans are most miserable in their forties for deeply rooted biological reasons, researchers told a conference in London on Thursday. Experts […]


Goth teens three times more likely to be depressed: study

Vladimir Demin/Shutterstock Goth kids were more likely to be depressed and harm themselves, the study said. Teenagers who identify as “goths,” a subculture known for its members’ black clothes and makeup, have a three times higher risk of depression than non-goth peers, researchers said Friday. But they could not be sure whether it was a […]


Online symptom checkers often misdiagnose: study

Ingram Publishing/Getty Images/Ingram Publishing Symptom checkers typically missed the severity of the situation in one of every five cases requiring emergency treatment. Online symptom checkers often misdiagnose patients’ problems, often encouraging people to seek care for minor issues that don’t need immediate attention and other times incorrectly telling people with true emergencies that treatment can […]