Which games will take advantage of the PS4 Pro?

We’re one week away from the launch of the PS4 Pro, and Sony has finally unveiled which games will support the additional horsepower in its new hardware. Over 30 games, new and old, will be Pro-optimized on day one, and at least 46 games in total will take advantage of Sony’s half-step by the end […]


Wearable fitness trackers help kids take healthy steps

Kids take fitness into their own hands with wearables like the UNICEF Kid Power Bands. Kids are jumping on the fitness band-wagon. Many parents are seeing their little ones taking a sudden interest in wearable activity trackers — like the Apple Watch that Jennifer Owens’ 12-year-old daughter, Gwendolyn, borrowed this weekend. “She was stepping in […]


West Nile Virus season is here, so take precaution

HANDOUT/REUTERS The West Nile Virus was found in mosquitoes this year in Rockland and Suffolk counties. ALBANY — Public health officials in New York State are reminding residents of the dangers posed by mosquitoes after West Nile Virus was found in two counties. People can protect themselves by eliminating standing water in their yards, the […]